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Think It Over Thursday – 11.8.12

(By YetiVedder)

Today’s argument is as simple as cats and dogs. Literally.  Most people are fans of one or the other.  I have a few friends and a brother that own both, but they definitely play favorites.  I think it all comes down to a few things.

I am definitely a dog person, mainly because I have always had dogs.  I have owned cats as well, and here is my perspective on both.  If you are more conservative, a person that likes a neat house and always has things organized, then you prefer cats.  If you like to party and are more of a social butterfly, you prefer dogs, but there are positives to both animals.  Here are a few points.

* Welcoming you home – A cat is never going to greet you at the door, jumping up and down EVERY SINGLE TIME you come home.  A dog absolutely will do this.  They are sincerely happy to see you every time.  It is a great feeling.

Winner – Dogs

* Cleanliness –  A dog will poop everywhere and anywhere.  They also chew up stuff and shed.  Cats poop in one spot, never chew up anything, and shed a little bit.  They even clean themselves, so you don’t have to give them a bath as often as a dog.

Winner – Cats

* Feeding –  Dogs will eat anything.   Literally.  You drop food on the floor they will help you clean that up in a heartbeat and be psyched about it!  Cats are very picky eaters.  Like going to dinner with a vegan.

Winner – Dogs

* The scary factor –  Cats aren’t scary…  Ever…  They have claws and may give a little nibble from time to time, but they won’t ever really hurt you unless you are being a douche.  A dog on the other hand may bite you.  I have definitely seen some scary attack dogs in my day.

Winner – Cats

* Ability to play games –  Dogs can fetch and follow orders like sitting, speaking, and giving the old high five.  A cat…  Not so much…  They can chase a laser like a beast, but only lasts for so long.

Winner – Dogs

NO cat is doing this!!!

* Pop Culture Factor –  DMX is never going to start saying where my cats at and start meowing.  There have been so many dog buddy movies, and when thinking about it I can’t name a famous cat.   Snoop Dogg, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin…  Where my dogs at?  Who let the dogs out???

Winner – Dogs

Arguments for both sides, but in the end Yeti Vedder is a dog man.  What I want to know is simple…  Cats or Dogs?

About yetivedder

Straight outta Cumberland, R.I. is a crazy mother f'er named Yeti. I will steal your food, drink, and girl all while you are not looking. He might actually do it while you are looking but be very polite while taking all three. He will also do it in that order mainly because he is always hungry, thirsty, and horny! The Yeti will throw the greatest party that you won't remember, because he needs to remain a figment of your imagination. He wants the ladies to think that they may or may not have made love to a giant man last night while feeding him a steak and cheese sandwich! The Yeti is all about getting people to make bad decisions, but yet these bad decisions just feel so right. The Yeti is a diehard sports fan and is never afraid to show his team colors. He also isn't afraid to talk about himself in the third person like the greatest of all time Ricky Henderson! Yeti Likes: Easy women, cheap beer, expensive beer being given out for free, Red Sox baseball KFC and all, Lakers basketball, Metta World Peace, Bruins, Mashmond, Patriots, and bringing Randy Moss back! Easy women, URI basketball, old school WWF wrestling... Yeah I said F!, J's Deli samiches. Sponsor the Yeti page with some free sandwiches!!! More beer, and easy women! Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Dre, Jay-Z Yeti dislikes: Wine drinkers that think they are better then me, Yeti hunters on TV that have no idea where Yeti's hang out! Hard women... Take that however you'd like... New school WWE, Any rapper with Lil or a direction in their name. Models who refuse to date me, when all I want to do is feed them. Relish of any kind... It is a Yeti kyrptonite.

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