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The Mind Of The Yeti – 10.24.12

(By YetiVedder)

I want you to shout this like it is the beginning of a new rap song.  This is Yeti Vedder coming at you live and in full effect!  Sometimes my thoughts are just bizarre, while other times you might be thinking the same damn thing!   Turn me up in my headphones and drop that beat, because Yeti Vedder is about to spit some hot fire!

* So this year for Halloween I have decided to be a sexy kitty.  What is wrong with this one’s face?

* Imagine being this douchebag’s neighbor? First of all the song for Halloween is horrendous! Gangnam Style? Real spooky! At least go with Monster Mash, Ghostbusters or Thriller! It’s already annoying that you have Halloween lights up, but now you add that horrible song without the dance moves!?! Ridiculous!!!

* Welcome back to Boston, John Farrell. I am not excited about this, but I guess only time will tell. We traded away a Shortstop we supposedly don’t need for a manager because none of the other candidates were good enough. Awesome plan!

* See NLCS MVP Marco Scutaro about how I feel about that. I am not saying Mike Aviles is as good as Marco Scutaro, but he is a quality platoon player that can play SS, 3B and corner OF positions. I hate trading players for coaches unless you are getting someone with a proven track record. I hope John Farrell proves me wrong!

* I can’t stand how this country elects the president. Everyone’s vote should count the same. We shouldn’t have to worry how Ohio, Virginia, and Florida are voting. It’s real simple, whoever gets more votes should win.

* So I’m going to say it. This New England Patriots team isn’t winning the Super Bowl this year. It kills me to say that, but the secondary is brutal and the offense needs to find an identity. When Mark Sanchez is outplaying Tom Brady you know something is off.  I hope I am so wrong about this!

* Hey Brandon Lloyd… YAC… Look into that. As of right now you look softer then puppy poo!

* If you are still undecided about the presidential election you probably have a tough time getting dressed in the morning.

* Hey Ann Coulter,  How you like dem apples?

* Old School Jam Of The Week: Salt N Pepa, Shoop. I have no idea what it means to Shoop, but I hope I have made at least one girl want to shoop.

* I hope that girl that I made shoop’s name rhymes with Deliza Bushku

* Josh Beckett Douche Of The Week: Bobby V. The one player you are going to throw under the bus is the guy that had the best stats and missed two months? Red Sox Nation will never hate Big Papi. They WILL, on the other hand, hate your guts.

* The Giants in 6.

* Tweet Of The Week: @timheidecker Family Dies #DepressingSitcoms

* Looking for a steamy pile of crap to see this week at the movies? Check out Here Comes The Boom! Kevin James as an MMA Fighter? GENIUS!!!

* I am so excited to see where Homeland is taking us! This week’s episode was awesome!

* When was the last time you got excited about any music coming out? It kills me that when I see the most popular music selling on Itunes it is always Taylor Swift or Gangnam Style. I don’t mind looking at Taylor Swift, but I almost wish that Kanye West would tell her to shut up more often!

* NBA in a week!!! My preview? Lebron is MVP. Lakers over the Heat in 6 games. Delonte West slightly beats out Metta World War for craziest player.

* Do you think that someone waved Carlton Fisk into that cornfield? That would make the story so much better then him doing something stupid like drinking and driving.

* Where have you gone Troop Beverly Hills, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Any questions or comments you can find Yeti on Twitter @YetiVedder.  He’d love to hear from you!

About yetivedder

Straight outta Cumberland, R.I. is a crazy mother f'er named Yeti. I will steal your food, drink, and girl all while you are not looking. He might actually do it while you are looking but be very polite while taking all three. He will also do it in that order mainly because he is always hungry, thirsty, and horny! The Yeti will throw the greatest party that you won't remember, because he needs to remain a figment of your imagination. He wants the ladies to think that they may or may not have made love to a giant man last night while feeding him a steak and cheese sandwich! The Yeti is all about getting people to make bad decisions, but yet these bad decisions just feel so right. The Yeti is a diehard sports fan and is never afraid to show his team colors. He also isn't afraid to talk about himself in the third person like the greatest of all time Ricky Henderson! Yeti Likes: Easy women, cheap beer, expensive beer being given out for free, Red Sox baseball KFC and all, Lakers basketball, Metta World Peace, Bruins, Mashmond, Patriots, and bringing Randy Moss back! Easy women, URI basketball, old school WWF wrestling... Yeah I said F!, J's Deli samiches. Sponsor the Yeti page with some free sandwiches!!! More beer, and easy women! Tupac, Biggie, Snoop, Dre, Jay-Z Yeti dislikes: Wine drinkers that think they are better then me, Yeti hunters on TV that have no idea where Yeti's hang out! Hard women... Take that however you'd like... New school WWE, Any rapper with Lil or a direction in their name. Models who refuse to date me, when all I want to do is feed them. Relish of any kind... It is a Yeti kyrptonite.

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