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Sift Through the Brainstorm Debris – 10.2.12

(By TheWayIsHere)

I decided it wasn’t fair for YetiVedder to have all the bullet-point fun, so I reckon I’ll join in on the fad.

What will you find in this weekly list? I have no freaking clue, but I’m sure it will all be deep and profound.

* At first, I hated baseball’s decision to add one more wild card team to this year’s postseason. But, I must admit, it has made things spicier down the stretch – and with the Red Sox being so awful, the new format has done a good job of keeping me interested. Of course, I now become a diehard fan of whoever is playing the Yankees…

* Check out this video of urban sprawl in Las Vegas over the past 40 years and then tell me that the human race isn’t a virus to Earth. Pretty scary stuff.

* Do kids even play Hide-n-Seek, Ghost in the Graveyard or Kick the Can anymore? It seems like everything about life has been taken over by electronics.

* Which movie has the better soundtrack: Forrest Gump or Dazed and Confused?

* Heard this gem playing Call of Duty on Playstation 3 online the other day: “Doesn’t it make you sad to know that your mom definitely sucked off at least one other guy before your dad came into the picture? Something to think about.”

* It always pisses me off when I think of great things to include in this Brainstorm Debris column and then forget them. It never fails.

* Did anybody else see this Life Alert commercial during Monday Night Football? How the hell is bread, beer, wine and soda even remotely related to Life Alert?

* As far as I’m concerned, chili is the best thing going. It’s an entire meal in a bowl and it’s cheap as hell. Do I feel like a dirty hobo when I eat it? Sure I do.  A satisfied dirty hobo though!

* I saw today that Paranormal Activity 4 is coming out soon. Just give it up. The first one was very innovative and the second one was decent. The third one was pretty shitty, and I can only assume this one will follow suit.

* As a heterosexual, married male, I have no problem saying this: Adam Levine is a sexy, sexy beast.

You’re welcome, ladies.

* I’m no scientist, but this news about the Great Barrier Reef can not be good.

* Shameless Significant Other Promotion Time! Book a 60-minute massage at Revival Massage & Bodyworks in Providence for the week of Oct. 21-27 and you’ll pay just $45. Pretty sweet deal, eh!?

* Matt & Kim’s new album, Lightning, hits stores today. I’ve heard a few songs already and it sounds damn good.

* There’s nothing better than sleeping in a warm bed when it’s chilly outside.

* Speaking of that, the fact that it’s already October 2 is mind-boggling. Where the hell did this year go?!

* Banger of the Week: Just Keep Breathing by We Came As Romans

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I’d like to think there is a lot to say about myself, but there isn’t. I founded Fifth Period Lunch with the intent on using the internet to spread gospel and the word of the Good Book. I thought He had a plan for me. Whoops. No, I’m just yanking your chain - I’m actually an atheist. Straylight Run’s John Nolan described both of our lives perfectly when he sang, “I know much more than I did back then, but the more I learn, the more I can’t understand. And I’ve become content with this life that I lead, where I drink too much and don’t believe in much of anything.” I’m married and creeping ever closer to the big 3-0. Despite that, I still enjoy acting like a child, to which my wife can attest. I enjoy microbrews, pinot noir, the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. I believe old people should be forced to take a driving test every year and I have a man-crush on more men than I probably should. Now you know.

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