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Live Strong… Thank You Lance!

(By YetiVedder)

I went out for dinner and drinks with some close friends last night.  The last one arrived and asked if we had heard the news about Lance Armstrong.  He would be giving up all of his Tour de France wins and would be banned from cycling for life.  I didn’t have mixed emotions.  I was happy for Lance.  The battle was over.  I would like to be the first one to tell Lance, thank you.  You are a hero in my mind.  Lance could come out and say that he did steroids for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he would still be a hero to me.  He won a bicycle race for seven years straight. He won a bicycle race every year for 7 years, that no one in the United States could care about.  That is unless it was won by an American cancer survivor.

He won that race every year and kept it in the news.  He made us all want to know what was going on in France when the race was happening.   Since he stopped racing has anyone really cared about the Tour de France?  Can you name anyone else that has won the Tour de France?  Exactly!  Lance Armstrong wasn’t popular because he won a bike race!  He was popular because he beat cancer and won a bike race.  He was popular because his foundation has raised over $250 MILLION for cancer research!  He was popular for making a difference!  Saying he saved lives is a strong thing to say, but I’ll go there.  He saved lives!   He is a hero!  Period!

So why does a guy that blogs about 80’s WWF, MTV and his love for Eliza Dushku even give a crap about a guy who rode a bike and beat cancer?  Well, in 2000 Yeti Vedder heard the scariest thing anyone can ever be told by doctor.  “You have cancer.”

I was a 20 year old, 6-foot-6 partying college kid.  I cried like a baby when I had to tell a group of my best friends, but I knew I would and could beat it.   It was a form a Melanoma that happens in your eye.  I thought I was going to die because, when you hear cancer, that is automatically what you think!  Luckily, I had the best family, friends and, of course, doctors.  It was an extremely hard time, but I became the person I am because of that struggle.  I lost vision in an eye, so everyday I am reminded that I had cancer by silly things like bumping into a person or not being able to hit the curve anymore.  Okay, I could never hit the curve, but I could bunt better then anyone I know!

Anywho!  I survived and I am living stronger everyday because of the money all cancer researchers have raised!  Especially someone like Lance Armstrong.  If I could have taken steroids and raised 1/4 of a billion dollars while winning some bike race no one cares about, I would be shooting up while writing this!

So while some people will frown upon Lance Armstrong, I say thank you!   Yeti Vedder is, and always will be a huge Lance Armstrong fan!

Thank you Lance!

Live strong!

While I have your attention…

I also ask you to take a second and donate.  I have listed a few cancer support links below.  We all know someone that has been affected by this awful disease.  Yeti Vedder  and FPL thanks you for your support!

Do it for the best speech ever given!

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5 comments on “Live Strong… Thank You Lance!

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  2. Charles
    August 24, 2012

    Great article!

  3. Esmerelda Swartz
    August 24, 2012

    What a lesson in strength of character…..Yetti, I love you

    • yetivedder
      August 25, 2012

      I love you too Esmerelda!

  4. Esy Swartz
    September 24, 2012

    Yetti is a strong man and strong willed. Keep up the good work..

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