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Trading carrots for chocolate pudding since 2012

Welcome Home

Welp, you found it. Your new home on the interweb. We may not be as entertaining, insightful or intelligent as some other blogs. Hell, I’m pretty sure our collective IQ would barely break 200.

But none of that matters. What matters is you’re here, and you’re here to stay – mainly because we plan on locking you in the basement and torturing you with myriad sex toys.

You may be asking yourself, “What is this? How did I get here? What’s this blog all about? Why is there a giant dildo hovering dangerously close to my ass?”

Well, to directly quote the “About FPL” page, which you no longer need to visit apparently:

“Harken back to the school days of youth. You were too confused by algebra, too bored by social studies and too creeped out by your four-eyed biology teacher who always seemed to stare in your direction too long. The only bright spot during the day was lunch, when you could sit with your friends and talk about literally anything.

That’s what Fifth Period Lunch is all about.

We’re just a group of young-at-heart men and women blogging about whatever pops into our mind. Most importantly, we’re here to save you from the monotony of the real world. We know you’re confused by TPS reports, bored with meetings and creeped out by the Dilbert look-alike who always seems to be too close when he talks to you.

This blog is dedicated to the smorgasbord of life. Some posts will be comical, some will be serious, some will be downright awful. Hey, it’s tough to be entertaining day in and day out.

Welcome to Fifth Period Lunch. What’s in the brown paper bag today?”

As far as the dildo goes, just try to relax and enjoy!

You will enjoy this!

About TheWayIsHere

I’d like to think there is a lot to say about myself, but there isn’t. I founded Fifth Period Lunch with the intent on using the internet to spread gospel and the word of the Good Book. I thought He had a plan for me. Whoops. No, I’m just yanking your chain - I’m actually an atheist. Straylight Run’s John Nolan described both of our lives perfectly when he sang, “I know much more than I did back then, but the more I learn, the more I can’t understand. And I’ve become content with this life that I lead, where I drink too much and don’t believe in much of anything.” I’m married and creeping ever closer to the big 3-0. Despite that, I still enjoy acting like a child, to which my wife can attest. I enjoy microbrews, pinot noir, the Boston Red Sox, the New England Patriots and the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. I believe old people should be forced to take a driving test every year and I have a man-crush on more men than I probably should. Now you know.

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